Passionate About your food choices?

Choose vegetarian, halal, or kosher and avoid GMOs by simply installing NutriGuide for FREE on your Android or iPhone.

That’s Our Story

How We Started

NutriGuide project was initiated in January 2015 by 2 techno functional professionals. Since then, NutriGuide hit the app stores with 4 successful releases and have healthy backlog of features for next few releases.

“People are passionate about what they eat these days, and we believe this smart trend will only continue, so we wanted to make it simple for them to decide if it is appropriate to eat” said Moiz Hakimi, CEO at Taha Consulting. NutriGuide stores your dietary preferences with your profile so when you scan labels, let’s say for vegetarian food or avoid GMOs, you have visibility into the ingredients contained in your choices. All you have to do is scan the food products, and NutriGuide will give you an alerts, and highlight any ingredient(s) that doesn’t fit your dietary preferences.”